Monday, February 22, 2010

Tastes like Chicken - Renfest style

We decided only to do Tastes like Chicken and not its companion It's Happy Hour Somewhere because it is hard to fit many different drinks into 7 hours of mayhem.

So here is how we ended up!

Tastes Like Chicken - Renfest Style!
Nova had:
Turkey Leg
Ribbon Fries
A Pickle
Kettle corn
Prettzel (is that spelled right? w/e)
twizzlers (renfest ones that come in many flavors)

Saff had:
Ribbon Fries
Kettle Corn
twizzlers (renfest ones)
Prettzel (that looks funny w/e)

Earlier in the day Saff had a terrible headache.. They plague her often but.. have no fear!

"Saff had a magic pickle that cured her headache!!!!!!"


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Welcome to RENFEST!!

Hi there everyone!
This past Saturday the Mischief Makers went to RENFEST!
What's Renfest you ask? Well it is a little fair that happens once a year for a few weekends where people dress up in old timie clothes and go around saying m'lord and m'lady and stuff like that!

Good Morrow! (wtf does that even mean!!??!!)
Anyway.... its loads of fun and we LOVE to go so here are the tales of the Mischief Makers at Renfest!

There are people dressed up as Kings and Queens, Knights, Jesters and... 1 TROLL!
DIE HORDE DIE!!!!! The Alliance will prevail!

Here Saff and Nova are distracting the troll while other members of the Alliance sneak up behind him!

Our day started out fantastic.. Nova went to Saff's house and snagged her then went over to Saff's parents house and picked up brother Jedi Knight Hpesoj and sister SammyStar. We all had conjured cinnamon rolls at Saff's parents house then some MT Dew in the car on the way to Renfest (there was a $3 off coupon on the can).

As we entered we went over to some shops where Saff bought an AWESOME Renfest outfit! Corset and all! It is lovely red and gold. How she can breathe in that thing I will never know! ~Saff edit: It was fine when I was standing but not so good when I sat down haha!!

A few booths down is just what Nova was looking for.. a new pair of devil horns and butterfly wings! YA THEY GO TOGETHER! pppfffftttt! DON'T JUDGE ME!

Then we waited for the Master of Awesomeness and ummmm... what's her code name... thinking.. thinking.. I forget.. anyway Master of Awesomness and Agent Awesome. As we waited for them to arrive, SammyStar (Saff's sister) and Nova shot bow and arrows and SammyStar got a bullseye!! So the REALLY CUTE guy Knighted SammyStar by the power of Greyskull in the name of Lady Gaga for Christina of Aguilera! (something like that)

Then we went to shoot crossbows! It was so fun.. I (Nova) plinked one of the targets but I didn't win anything.. nor did I get Knighted. lol

Then Hello Kitty, Agent Awesome and Master of Awesomness arrived and Master of Awesomeness made a B line to another booth to acquire the thing which he loves most in all the world.. where upon the crowd in the entire park heard him let out his war cry...


The Master of Awesomeness and Agent Awesome played some games too!

After wandering some more we went to watch a show.. the first show of the day was The Washing Well Wenches or something like that. They were freakin Heeeeeelarryous!
At one point they had some guy run out into a field.. put on some man's white underpants (snicker) and yell "In my man pants... I can do ANYTHING!" Soooooooo funny!! That was really funny!

We wandered around some more (Nova started taking off clothes cause it was FREAKIN HOT) and ate and watched the Moonie show. Many of our group (which had grown by two more... PoohBear and The Runner) enjoyed the Moonie show.. I (Nova) hated it.

Personally I think it sucked donkey balls. This guy whistled instead of talked and he was annoying and was mostly like a dumb juggler. /yawn He did have a funny line at the end when he spoke (asking for money) he kept saying "Cheese for Bumble Bees" sounds funny.. no idea what it means. I believe we have a pic of this guy too.

Then some of us stopped and watched the Wonderful show while others wandered and shopped. I thought this guy was sooo funny. The Master of Awesomeness and Agent Awesome didn't like him. Everything he did just went wrong. He had a whip he lit on fire and was supposed to crack the whip so hard it put the fire out.. but the whip broke and was on fire.. and ... well ya. All of his other tricks just didnt go well.. most of them he messed up. Which is why I thought it was so funny.. I'm sure the guy was about to poop himself but I laughed and laughed. Hey I think we have a pic of him too!! And a quote from Mr Wonderful "It's my own special brand of sickness" lol

As the day was winding down we wandered a bit more and ended up in the Adults only tent to watch Iris and Rose. Ummm ya two ladies singing about guys screwing farm animals and a Moose. I think they are obsessed with farm animals.

Last show of the day.. Christoff the Insult Comic. This guy.. you pay him to insult your friend. Luckily no one in our group was into that sort of thing.. probably cause there was a lake right there and they were afraid the others would drown them if they did. His jokes were mildly dirty, mildly funny.. of course they had NOTHING to do with the actual person who got picked.. they could be about anyone.. so ... I give it an eeeeehhhhh. (hand wobble) He did sing a song "When I T-bagged your mothers" that got a chuckle.

All in all we had fun.. it was unexpectadly hot and sunny so I think we all got sunburn but that is the price you gotta pay to CAUSE MISCHIEF! Enjoy some more pics!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh my...

Hello from Sunny South Florida!

A few weekends ago our friend Jaime invited us to go see a friend of hers in a band up in West Palm.

We went up and then stopped at the Ale House for dinner. I ordered a rum runner to have with my dinner. ummm ya.. it tasted EXACTLY like Cherry Nyquil.. I mean exactly. I'm pretty sure they just watered down some Nyquil! It was GROSS and I didn't drink it.

So we went over to this bar to see the band. The bar was small with a little stage along one wall. It is a nice home town kind of place. Full of rough type people. Not all fu fu and dingbat girls.

There was another band that went on before Jaime's friends. It was screaming death metal.. entertaining.. There were some people who were REALLY into it. lol

We decided to move across the bar to where the pool tables are.. and so Jaime and Saff grabbed some chairs to take over and then it happened.. THE BAR NAZI stopped them in their tracks! NO! YOU CANNOT MOVE THE CHAIRS!!! zomgwtf AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE /wrist!

It was pretty re-donk-u-lous! But w/e we ended up with chairs (the most unconfortable ever) and over by the pool tables. The BAR NAZI was on a roll tho.. he really enjoyed yelling at people for anything.. ARE YOU BREATHING!!???!!! WHO SAID YOU COULD BREATHE!?!!!

Then her friends band went up.. For rage screaming death metal I think they are pretty good! Again they had some 'serious fans' which is always entertaining to watch! All in all that was fun stuff!

Here are the interesting people of the night:
Doorman - Looked just like Edward James Olmos (I mean it might have actually been him!)

Out of place gangster guy - wore all black, had a smooooove hat, a black vest, sat at the bar and faced away from the crowd. I'm pretty sure he has a violin case with a gun in it!

Bar Fly - (of course there is one) Old lady, in black tight clothes (pleather - not leather), lace up boots with lots of buckles or rivets or whatever they are, fancy black patterened leggings, cigarette in one hand beer in the other.

Super fan - ok a super fan of death metal = bald, but with a beard, wife beater t shirt or t shirt with sleeves cut off, long baggy shorts, doc martin boots (or whatever the craze is these days), some chains. He bangs his head and STANDS DIRECTLY IN FRONT of the band! lolol I mean it is a small place... you don't gotta be that close dude!

NUTBALL Super Fan - oh this guy was priceless! Dressed in all black, wife beater t shirt, doing the 'crazy mosh pit dance' all over the place. Except when he had to take a moment to tie his shoe! Was so funny to watch!

After there we all went back to Jaime's house and had some tequila lol. Except Saff who was the designated driver! GOOOOOO SAFF! Then we all atempted to go to another bar that was open all night. Saff and I got lost, but Jaime called us and we found our way. 2 other guys didn't make it.

They got arrested for drunk driving :( that is never a good thing to do!
Mischief Makers say NO to drunk driving!

Drunk walking, Drunk falling, Drunk laughing til you puke or pee your pants - YES!

Saff did get so sing Karaokee (I can't spell it) which was HILARIOUS. She sang One Step Closer by Linkin Park! AWESOME!

Then we made another friend. Jake was said he is a 'good guy who just broke up with his girlfriend' /yawn
He needed help writing stuff on his card to sing. So we helped him. Then he got up and sang ICE ICE BABY lolol by Vanilla Ice! lol
Not long after we all went our separate ways and lived to tell the tale!!

This weekend we are going to Renfest!! whooo hoooo!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Let the excitement begin!

NOVA and SAFF.... are going to return to...

zomgwtfbbq!!! we are soooo excited!
We just can't wait. We will be going in June to celebrate Nova's bday!
Already we are making plans... getting together our list of achievements and quests.

Last year we did not complete all of our quests (due to the cherry bombs!!! lol) However this year will be different! We will complete all our quests and achievements from last year and all of the newly added ones!

Once again we will be staying at the fantastic Prince Conti hotel. We just love that place!

On the list of things to do:
Revisit all of the peope we met last time.
Melvin 6, Popeye, Cliff the Teddybear, ZZTop just to name a few!

We will be revisiting Scents in the City, What do you think of my Coin purse and many many more!

Stay tuned to the weeks and months to come for more details.


Renfest is comming!!!

Mischief Makers are going to the Renfest!!!
When are we going? None of your GD business .. stop stalking us! j/k
February 20th is the date!

Are you as excited as we are? Our goals this year include:
Cause Mischief without being arrested - of course that is pretty standard.

Stay tuned for:
Tastes like chicken - Renfest style!
You're gonna shoot your eye out! - (they have crossbows at Renfest!)
and much much more!

Throwing knives,, carnies - Renfest sytle!
Mud, jousting, more Renfest carnies...
food.. on .. a .. stick! lol everything tastes better when it is on a stick!
Don't forget the yard o beer too!

Anyway.. we are quite excited to be going to Renfest this year. It should be quite the adventure!

Be there or Be [] (that is a square)