Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nova and Saff Go to Krystal

Note: What you are about to read is 100% true. Nothing has been embellished or made-up. These are the facts...

Yesterday, the Mischief Makers took a Field Trip…to the ghetto. That’s right folks, we VOLUNTARILY went to Crack Town, USA. Why, you ask?? It’s all about the KRYSTALS baby!!!!!!

The only Krystal restaurant within a 50 mile radius of us is located in, let’s just say, an unsavory part of town. But when the Krystals are calling, we come running!!! And run we did, from the restaurant to the car. But that’s only part of the story. Let’s start at the beginning...

Nova and I left the office around 4:15 and journeyed to the Krystal. We finally reached our exit off the highway but instead of going east we went west. Whoops!! Oh and did I mention that I had a massive right-side headache the whole way in the car?? I was distraught – would my headache and touch of nausea affect my ability to enjoy the Krystals?? In the end, I believe that the Krystals had magical healing properties because on the way home, my headache was pretty much gone. Hooray for Krystals!!!

But back to our story. When we finally figured out that the restaurant was east of 95, drove down the road and somehow, we passed it!! So we had to turn around again and I spotted the red and white Krystal sign off in the distance!! “Oh I see it!!!” So after nearly going in the “Do Not Enter”, we had to drive around the back and we finally parked and we were ready to enjoy our dinner!! We went in and ordered our food (4 Krystals and fries each, with sodas). Nova waited for our food while I got the sodas and picked a seat near the window. While we were eating, Nova noticed a scuffle outside. So, while we were enjoying our food, we had some entertainment!! It seemed like there was a turf war going on. There was a man in an orange shirt, and a man in a white shirt. It seemed like orange shirt man was invading white shirt man’s territory, because it looked like white shirt man was selling something on the side of the road. So they were screaming at each other, and then they looked like they were about to start fist-fighting, but then a bus came along the road and blocked our view!!! (damn bus!!!). Once the bus finally moved, it looked like the fight was over, because orange shirt man slunk past the restaurant with his tail between his legs and white shirt man came into the Krystal and ordered some food. (I guess that was his reward for winning the turf war??).

Meanwhile, there were some other people in the restaurant and they ordered sacksful of Krystals. We saw them leave, but once they reached their car, it looked like there was a man harassing them. Maybe he was trying to get them to give him money?? We weren’t sure but we didn’t want to be harassed, that’s foshizzle!! Although, as we learned on our adventure in Miami, you can always out-crazy the crazies!! Anyways, the harasser man came into the restaurant, and we made a break for it while he was occupied. We ran out to the car and immediately locked the doors. Safe!!!!! And then we began our journey home.

The ride home was pretty uneventful, until we were at our exit waiting to turn onto the road. We saw 2 cars on the side of the road. Maybe they thought it would be a good place to park their car and have a picnic?? Who knows?? But also on the side of the road was a DOT pickup truck. He started backing his truck up the exit ramp. I guess he was trying to get back on the highway, but didn’t he know he could have just gone straight across the road and gotten back on the highway that way?? hmmmmmmm….why make life more difficult for yourself???

But I haven’t come to the best part yet. While Nova was taking me home, she spotted something on the side of the road. “What the hell is that??” she exclaimed. What was it, you ask?? Well it was a man dressed up in a chicken costume, yellow feathers and all, dancing and holding up a sign that said “Wings”. It was quite bizarre!!!!

So ends our adventure into Crack Town, USA. Apparently, the Mischief Makers pack quite a bit of fun into 2 hours, eh??!!!