Monday, February 22, 2010

Tastes like Chicken - Renfest style

We decided only to do Tastes like Chicken and not its companion It's Happy Hour Somewhere because it is hard to fit many different drinks into 7 hours of mayhem.

So here is how we ended up!

Tastes Like Chicken - Renfest Style!
Nova had:
Turkey Leg
Ribbon Fries
A Pickle
Kettle corn
Prettzel (is that spelled right? w/e)
twizzlers (renfest ones that come in many flavors)

Saff had:
Ribbon Fries
Kettle Corn
twizzlers (renfest ones)
Prettzel (that looks funny w/e)

Earlier in the day Saff had a terrible headache.. They plague her often but.. have no fear!

"Saff had a magic pickle that cured her headache!!!!!!"


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