Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nova and Saff Go to Krystal

Note: What you are about to read is 100% true. Nothing has been embellished or made-up. These are the facts...

Yesterday, the Mischief Makers took a Field Trip…to the ghetto. That’s right folks, we VOLUNTARILY went to Crack Town, USA. Why, you ask?? It’s all about the KRYSTALS baby!!!!!!

The only Krystal restaurant within a 50 mile radius of us is located in, let’s just say, an unsavory part of town. But when the Krystals are calling, we come running!!! And run we did, from the restaurant to the car. But that’s only part of the story. Let’s start at the beginning...

Nova and I left the office around 4:15 and journeyed to the Krystal. We finally reached our exit off the highway but instead of going east we went west. Whoops!! Oh and did I mention that I had a massive right-side headache the whole way in the car?? I was distraught – would my headache and touch of nausea affect my ability to enjoy the Krystals?? In the end, I believe that the Krystals had magical healing properties because on the way home, my headache was pretty much gone. Hooray for Krystals!!!

But back to our story. When we finally figured out that the restaurant was east of 95, drove down the road and somehow, we passed it!! So we had to turn around again and I spotted the red and white Krystal sign off in the distance!! “Oh I see it!!!” So after nearly going in the “Do Not Enter”, we had to drive around the back and we finally parked and we were ready to enjoy our dinner!! We went in and ordered our food (4 Krystals and fries each, with sodas). Nova waited for our food while I got the sodas and picked a seat near the window. While we were eating, Nova noticed a scuffle outside. So, while we were enjoying our food, we had some entertainment!! It seemed like there was a turf war going on. There was a man in an orange shirt, and a man in a white shirt. It seemed like orange shirt man was invading white shirt man’s territory, because it looked like white shirt man was selling something on the side of the road. So they were screaming at each other, and then they looked like they were about to start fist-fighting, but then a bus came along the road and blocked our view!!! (damn bus!!!). Once the bus finally moved, it looked like the fight was over, because orange shirt man slunk past the restaurant with his tail between his legs and white shirt man came into the Krystal and ordered some food. (I guess that was his reward for winning the turf war??).

Meanwhile, there were some other people in the restaurant and they ordered sacksful of Krystals. We saw them leave, but once they reached their car, it looked like there was a man harassing them. Maybe he was trying to get them to give him money?? We weren’t sure but we didn’t want to be harassed, that’s foshizzle!! Although, as we learned on our adventure in Miami, you can always out-crazy the crazies!! Anyways, the harasser man came into the restaurant, and we made a break for it while he was occupied. We ran out to the car and immediately locked the doors. Safe!!!!! And then we began our journey home.

The ride home was pretty uneventful, until we were at our exit waiting to turn onto the road. We saw 2 cars on the side of the road. Maybe they thought it would be a good place to park their car and have a picnic?? Who knows?? But also on the side of the road was a DOT pickup truck. He started backing his truck up the exit ramp. I guess he was trying to get back on the highway, but didn’t he know he could have just gone straight across the road and gotten back on the highway that way?? hmmmmmmm….why make life more difficult for yourself???

But I haven’t come to the best part yet. While Nova was taking me home, she spotted something on the side of the road. “What the hell is that??” she exclaimed. What was it, you ask?? Well it was a man dressed up in a chicken costume, yellow feathers and all, dancing and holding up a sign that said “Wings”. It was quite bizarre!!!!

So ends our adventure into Crack Town, USA. Apparently, the Mischief Makers pack quite a bit of fun into 2 hours, eh??!!!


Monday, March 29, 2010

Tastes like Chicken - St. Augustine!

Tastes like chicken is where we try to sample DIFFENENT foods while out making mischief.

Well here is the recap from St. Augustine:

Cheese Krystal (from the AWESOME Krystal hamburger place)
Meat pie
Sausage Roll
Cinnamon Roll
mini cicken sandwich
cotton candy push up
pickle spear
cajun chicken alfredo
cheddar biscuit (OOOO SOOO GOOD!)
cesar salad
onion ring
garlic bread knots
double cheese burger
ice cream cone with sprinkles

sweet tea
Grape G2 Gator Aid

cheese Krystal
double cheese burger
chicken nuggets
ice creme cone (plain)
meat pie
cinnamon roll
sausage roll
mini chicken sandwich
pickle spear
cheddar biscuit (oooooo soooo yummmmie!)
house salad
onion ring
garlic bread knots

Sweat Tea
Grape G2 Gator Aid

The Fountain of Youth!

Hi again!
Saff and Nova headed over to the Fountain of Youth. (which was directly behind our hotel!)

It was nice walking over there.. all of the trees with the spanish moss were very pretty!

Before going in we stopped at the snack bar to get.. umm snacks!
We split some mini chicken sandwich thingies that were tasty and saff had a cotton candy push up (ice cream thingie).
Then we went in.. just in time for the shows!

We started at the actual Fountain of Youth.. which.. umm mkay. Well there was a little talk from a narrator.. and she said that everyone could drink the water from the fountain. (there were cups all over)
Apparently at one time this was a natural spring.. but has since been changed into a well. She said the water is tested all the time and is safe to drink. NO THANK YOU!
Maybe if it had been run through a britta filter or something then I might have taken a sip but no way am I drinking water out of a well in FLORIDA! (water in Florida is very sulfurish and gross) PASS!

Next we went into the room where you watch about the globe and the ships that went out exploring and found North America. Well when you go in there is just seats and a HUGE black curtain at the front. Now... for you parents out there let me give you some advise. TEACH YOUR RETARDED CHILDREN TO NOT TALK TO STRANGERS!!! If you don't this WILL happen:
Stupid little kid sits right next to Nova (mistake) and says "What's behind the curtain?"
Nova: "A GIANT Dragon!

Then the kid gets scared.. the mom (I'm sure) was quite irritated.. Nova and Saff giggled for 10 minutes!

Hey!!! It's hard making mischief all the time but someone has to do it .. right?

Next was the stars ummmm whats it called.. the planet... arium (snicker)
that was nice and interesting. It showed the constellations and told how the sea-men (snicker) used them to navigate :)
We wandered around the grounds some more, snapped some photos of the Peacocks (snicker) and did some shopping in the gift shop.
BTW the peacocks YELL REALLY LOUD.. at first it can be quite disturbing. lol

Saturday in St.Augustine!

Our day started out as a total CLUSTER! We didn't find any Dunken Donuts.. and we were hungries.. so we decided to hop on the trolly and head into the place where there were shops. Well holy poopies.. it was hard to find breakfast! Apparently all of the breakfast places went invisible!

Eventually Saff spotted a Spanish Bakery.. WTG SAFF! We went in and ordered 1 sausage roll each, 1 meat pie (to split) and 1 cinnamon roll (to split) this was all home made kind of stuff and was TASTY GOODNESS!!!

It was nice and cool out so we sat outside (snicker.. as if we had a choice! it was all outside!). The sausage roll was like a glorified hot dog wrapped in a flaky croissant.. it was really good tho. The meat pie.. was like a turnover with meat in it.. I was too afraid to ask what kind of meat. (there were quite a few squirrels wandering around). The meat pie was a little spicy but really yummie too. And then the cinnamon roll.. wowzers!! THAT WAS AWESOME! yummmmmm!

So with our bellies full and Nova's tape worm's mouth shut we started wandering around some.. Then we found a candy store! woot! I love candy!

We got some GIANT PIXI STIX! yummmm-o! Then we were waiting to get back on the trolly so we did some sword fighting with our pixi stix and Nova's went all limp (insert your own joke here).

So more trolly riding and we ended up at the San Sebastian Winery where we could go in on a self guided tour and have a wine tasting. That was fun. We watched a movie and sampled about 8 different wines. (no we didn't get drunk!) Saff's favorite the "Rosa complements a variety of foods and is also nice for just sipping on a warm afternoon. The light and refreshing style of this wine is balanced perfectly with a hint of sweetness. The delicate fruity character represents the finest of the Native Florida Muscadine grapes." (Saff says YUM!)
Nova's favorite the "Vintners Red is balanced to express intense fruit flavor derived from the Noble variety of the Native Muscadine grape. Served slightly chilled, this wine is a great complement to any pasta dish as well as for just sitting and relaxing." (Nova says TASTY GOODNESS!)

Upon leaving the winery tragedy struck when just as the trolly was pulling away Saff dripped her PIXIE STIX! noooooooooooooooooooooooo! (luckily it wasn't her camera) We were sad! There was a brief moment where we were going to jump off and rescue the pixi stix but we probably would have 1) gotten yelled at. and 2) killed ourselves.

So alas we must mourn the loss of the grape pixi stix. It served well in the sword battle where it had defeated Nova's limp pixi stix. We will not forget you valiant pixi stix!

So more trolly riding...
There was some old guy on the trolly that sneezed like 100 times in a row.. I though his head was going to pop right off.. but it didn't. Thank goodness cause we were in the row behind him and I'm sure we would have gotten brains on us. GROSS!

We saw the prisoner guy from the Old Jail tour out walking around.. HE ESCAPED! He was on his way to subway! lol (sometimes you just gotta have a foot long classic BMT! mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions and green peppers please!)

We kept going past some church with REALLY loud bells that went on FORRRRRR EEEEVVVERRRR! I was like .. what.. you trying to say sumptin? Personally I think that kind of bell ringing could drive a person a little crazy!

We hopped off the trolly at Ripleys then we decided we didn't want to go in. lol
Both of us had been there before .. and it cost 15 bucks! pfffftttt and it was VERY crowded so we passed. Then while waiting for the next trolly we were watching the crazies.. Ther was some RETARDED redneck woman who had her kid on a leash.. like a DOG. CRAZY!

Nova let out a really loud crazy person laugh and everyone turned and looked.. which made it soooo much more funny! Hey sometimes you just have to try to out crazy the crazies!!

Finally our trolly arrived and we headed back to our hotel to refresh before heading to the Fountain of Youth!

Friday Night - Ghosts and Gravestones Tour

Hi again!
Friday Night we went on the scary Ghosts and Gravestones tour! It started out NEXT to the Ripleys Believe it or Not museum (not at the museum like we thought).

We waited for a little bit and soon a big black open air bus pulled up and Saff and I took our seats at the back of the bus! (awww ya.. all back o da bus!)

This was a nice tour. Our narrator Crystal, told spooky stories as we went on a tour around St. Augustine. They were very interresting indeed. She was funny too! If anyone shouted things at the bus she would yell "NON BELIEVER" and everyone on the bus would yell 'BE DOOMED"!!! It was funny!

There were (of course) a few turds on the bus that were all like "I don't believe in this stuff. This is silly." etc.. well JERKS! Hey if you don't believe in ghosts.. ummm DON'T GO ON A GHOST TOUR RETARD! Why do you have to be all stupid and ruin the fun for others!?!!???

Anyway... so after the bus drives around some then we go to the OLD JAIL! Our guide, Crystal, takes us inside and says something like "whoops I forgot my flash light on the bus be right back" and she leaves. Then another guy comes in dressed in prison uniform, you know white with black stripes outfit. And he starts taking us around the jail telling stories like he was a prisoner that died there.

It was cute and fun.. at one point this guy was wiggling his fingers in Nova's face (can't remember why tho). Alls I can say is.. that guy is lucky he didn't get BIT! CHOOOOOMMMP!

So after the Old Jail tour was over we got back on the bus and headed back to where we started. It was fun.. we didn't see any ghosts or get creeped out. Saff got a couple pictures with orbs which was cool. Nova's camera wigged out again, like it did in NOLA on the ghost tour there. I'll plop some pics in soon.


Our Hotel in St. Augustine

Hi everyone!
We arrived in fantastic St. Augustine around 4pm and checked into our hotel. The Howard Johnson.
On a scale of 1 to 10 - 1 being the worst, 10 the best we would have to give the hotel a 3.
3 out of 10 points were awarded because of:
1. No Bugs
2. Location
3. Comfy Beds

However, this has to be the weirdest, most unclean, bizzare hotel ever. The bathroom was more like a high school gym locker room. The 2 chairs at the table in the hotel room were so filthy! It looked like a car mechanic had gotten all greasy and dirty and then rubbed his dirt all over the arms of the chairs.. GROSS!

There was a 2+ inch gap under the door to the outside. Luckily it was early spring so not too many bugs out.

And lets not forget .. The HOJO is a stop on the trolly tours. Well actually a TREE in the parking lot is a stop on the trolly tour. Yes a tree. Apparently it is a big f'in tree! lol They even named this tree "The Senator".. seriously I have no idea why.
But.. every 15 minutes we could hear a tour guide saying something like: "and on your right you will see a big f'in tree! blah blah blah" and he/she rings his trolly bell.. These tours start at 8am so NO SLEEPIN IN! (they didn't actually say "a big f'in tree" but after hearing that over and over it started to sound like that!)

Anyway.. our hotel was in a good location, the beds were good enough to sleep in and there were no bugs. So 3 out of 10. For the same price (or cheaper) we stayed in a NICE hotel in NOLA.
oh well.. what can you do right!

One highlight was on Saturday morning we were going to walk to the Dunken Doghnuts.. so Saff looked on her phone for the GPS and we started to leave. I saw a housekeeping lady and said. Dunken Doghnuts is to the right on the road right? And she says "YES"

Well after walking around we discovered that the Dunken Doghnuts had been boarded up some time ago and had long since closed. Apparently the cleaning lady didn't speak ENGLISH either.
She got an F-
More later on the redonkulus adventure to find something for breakfast!!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The countown is on!

It is almost time!
Are you ready?

We totally are!

What's happening you ask? Well let me tell ya!
The mischiefmakers are going to St Augustine THIS WEEKEND!
We are going up on Friday and we are totally excited!

What do we have planned?
MISCHIEF - naturally!

Friday night we are going on Ripley's Ghost Train Adventure! woooooooo scary business!

Saturday we have a day of riding the trolly, going into museums and visiting the infamous St Augustine Lighthouse!

Have you ever seen the Ghost Hunters episode when they went there? zomg scary!

And what is even better is that the 18th Annual Lighthouse Fesitval is happening THIS SATURDAY!! very exciting.. I promise to not (intentionally) get asked to leave!

Among other fun things we will be visiting Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum, the Old Jail (don't taze me bro!) and the St Augustine History Museum.

Please stay tuned for:
Tastes like Chicken - St Augustine
What do you think of my coinpurse - St Augustine
Thank you come again - St Augustine (NEW!)

Until then!
Remember: Never take life too seriously! No one gets out alive!!!