Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The countown is on!

It is almost time!
Are you ready?

We totally are!

What's happening you ask? Well let me tell ya!
The mischiefmakers are going to St Augustine THIS WEEKEND!
We are going up on Friday and we are totally excited!

What do we have planned?
MISCHIEF - naturally!

Friday night we are going on Ripley's Ghost Train Adventure! woooooooo scary business!

Saturday we have a day of riding the trolly, going into museums and visiting the infamous St Augustine Lighthouse!

Have you ever seen the Ghost Hunters episode when they went there? zomg scary!

And what is even better is that the 18th Annual Lighthouse Fesitval is happening THIS SATURDAY!! very exciting.. I promise to not (intentionally) get asked to leave!

Among other fun things we will be visiting Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum, the Old Jail (don't taze me bro!) and the St Augustine History Museum.

Please stay tuned for:
Tastes like Chicken - St Augustine
What do you think of my coinpurse - St Augustine
Thank you come again - St Augustine (NEW!)

Until then!
Remember: Never take life too seriously! No one gets out alive!!!


1 comment:

  1. Ok, I used to work at a hotel in St Aug, saw a REAL ghost, the jail is good for ghosts and the lighthouse too.

    You HAVE to check out the Lightner Museum for at least three hours, please make sure you see that one, you will LOVE it!

    Make sure you say hi to Hank Flagler for me too, thanks :)