Monday, March 29, 2010

The Fountain of Youth!

Hi again!
Saff and Nova headed over to the Fountain of Youth. (which was directly behind our hotel!)

It was nice walking over there.. all of the trees with the spanish moss were very pretty!

Before going in we stopped at the snack bar to get.. umm snacks!
We split some mini chicken sandwich thingies that were tasty and saff had a cotton candy push up (ice cream thingie).
Then we went in.. just in time for the shows!

We started at the actual Fountain of Youth.. which.. umm mkay. Well there was a little talk from a narrator.. and she said that everyone could drink the water from the fountain. (there were cups all over)
Apparently at one time this was a natural spring.. but has since been changed into a well. She said the water is tested all the time and is safe to drink. NO THANK YOU!
Maybe if it had been run through a britta filter or something then I might have taken a sip but no way am I drinking water out of a well in FLORIDA! (water in Florida is very sulfurish and gross) PASS!

Next we went into the room where you watch about the globe and the ships that went out exploring and found North America. Well when you go in there is just seats and a HUGE black curtain at the front. Now... for you parents out there let me give you some advise. TEACH YOUR RETARDED CHILDREN TO NOT TALK TO STRANGERS!!! If you don't this WILL happen:
Stupid little kid sits right next to Nova (mistake) and says "What's behind the curtain?"
Nova: "A GIANT Dragon!

Then the kid gets scared.. the mom (I'm sure) was quite irritated.. Nova and Saff giggled for 10 minutes!

Hey!!! It's hard making mischief all the time but someone has to do it .. right?

Next was the stars ummmm whats it called.. the planet... arium (snicker)
that was nice and interesting. It showed the constellations and told how the sea-men (snicker) used them to navigate :)
We wandered around the grounds some more, snapped some photos of the Peacocks (snicker) and did some shopping in the gift shop.
BTW the peacocks YELL REALLY LOUD.. at first it can be quite disturbing. lol

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