Monday, March 29, 2010

Saturday in St.Augustine!

Our day started out as a total CLUSTER! We didn't find any Dunken Donuts.. and we were hungries.. so we decided to hop on the trolly and head into the place where there were shops. Well holy poopies.. it was hard to find breakfast! Apparently all of the breakfast places went invisible!

Eventually Saff spotted a Spanish Bakery.. WTG SAFF! We went in and ordered 1 sausage roll each, 1 meat pie (to split) and 1 cinnamon roll (to split) this was all home made kind of stuff and was TASTY GOODNESS!!!

It was nice and cool out so we sat outside (snicker.. as if we had a choice! it was all outside!). The sausage roll was like a glorified hot dog wrapped in a flaky croissant.. it was really good tho. The meat pie.. was like a turnover with meat in it.. I was too afraid to ask what kind of meat. (there were quite a few squirrels wandering around). The meat pie was a little spicy but really yummie too. And then the cinnamon roll.. wowzers!! THAT WAS AWESOME! yummmmmm!

So with our bellies full and Nova's tape worm's mouth shut we started wandering around some.. Then we found a candy store! woot! I love candy!

We got some GIANT PIXI STIX! yummmm-o! Then we were waiting to get back on the trolly so we did some sword fighting with our pixi stix and Nova's went all limp (insert your own joke here).

So more trolly riding and we ended up at the San Sebastian Winery where we could go in on a self guided tour and have a wine tasting. That was fun. We watched a movie and sampled about 8 different wines. (no we didn't get drunk!) Saff's favorite the "Rosa complements a variety of foods and is also nice for just sipping on a warm afternoon. The light and refreshing style of this wine is balanced perfectly with a hint of sweetness. The delicate fruity character represents the finest of the Native Florida Muscadine grapes." (Saff says YUM!)
Nova's favorite the "Vintners Red is balanced to express intense fruit flavor derived from the Noble variety of the Native Muscadine grape. Served slightly chilled, this wine is a great complement to any pasta dish as well as for just sitting and relaxing." (Nova says TASTY GOODNESS!)

Upon leaving the winery tragedy struck when just as the trolly was pulling away Saff dripped her PIXIE STIX! noooooooooooooooooooooooo! (luckily it wasn't her camera) We were sad! There was a brief moment where we were going to jump off and rescue the pixi stix but we probably would have 1) gotten yelled at. and 2) killed ourselves.

So alas we must mourn the loss of the grape pixi stix. It served well in the sword battle where it had defeated Nova's limp pixi stix. We will not forget you valiant pixi stix!

So more trolly riding...
There was some old guy on the trolly that sneezed like 100 times in a row.. I though his head was going to pop right off.. but it didn't. Thank goodness cause we were in the row behind him and I'm sure we would have gotten brains on us. GROSS!

We saw the prisoner guy from the Old Jail tour out walking around.. HE ESCAPED! He was on his way to subway! lol (sometimes you just gotta have a foot long classic BMT! mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions and green peppers please!)

We kept going past some church with REALLY loud bells that went on FORRRRRR EEEEVVVERRRR! I was like .. what.. you trying to say sumptin? Personally I think that kind of bell ringing could drive a person a little crazy!

We hopped off the trolly at Ripleys then we decided we didn't want to go in. lol
Both of us had been there before .. and it cost 15 bucks! pfffftttt and it was VERY crowded so we passed. Then while waiting for the next trolly we were watching the crazies.. Ther was some RETARDED redneck woman who had her kid on a leash.. like a DOG. CRAZY!

Nova let out a really loud crazy person laugh and everyone turned and looked.. which made it soooo much more funny! Hey sometimes you just have to try to out crazy the crazies!!

Finally our trolly arrived and we headed back to our hotel to refresh before heading to the Fountain of Youth!

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