Monday, March 29, 2010

Our Hotel in St. Augustine

Hi everyone!
We arrived in fantastic St. Augustine around 4pm and checked into our hotel. The Howard Johnson.
On a scale of 1 to 10 - 1 being the worst, 10 the best we would have to give the hotel a 3.
3 out of 10 points were awarded because of:
1. No Bugs
2. Location
3. Comfy Beds

However, this has to be the weirdest, most unclean, bizzare hotel ever. The bathroom was more like a high school gym locker room. The 2 chairs at the table in the hotel room were so filthy! It looked like a car mechanic had gotten all greasy and dirty and then rubbed his dirt all over the arms of the chairs.. GROSS!

There was a 2+ inch gap under the door to the outside. Luckily it was early spring so not too many bugs out.

And lets not forget .. The HOJO is a stop on the trolly tours. Well actually a TREE in the parking lot is a stop on the trolly tour. Yes a tree. Apparently it is a big f'in tree! lol They even named this tree "The Senator".. seriously I have no idea why.
But.. every 15 minutes we could hear a tour guide saying something like: "and on your right you will see a big f'in tree! blah blah blah" and he/she rings his trolly bell.. These tours start at 8am so NO SLEEPIN IN! (they didn't actually say "a big f'in tree" but after hearing that over and over it started to sound like that!)

Anyway.. our hotel was in a good location, the beds were good enough to sleep in and there were no bugs. So 3 out of 10. For the same price (or cheaper) we stayed in a NICE hotel in NOLA.
oh well.. what can you do right!

One highlight was on Saturday morning we were going to walk to the Dunken Doghnuts.. so Saff looked on her phone for the GPS and we started to leave. I saw a housekeeping lady and said. Dunken Doghnuts is to the right on the road right? And she says "YES"

Well after walking around we discovered that the Dunken Doghnuts had been boarded up some time ago and had long since closed. Apparently the cleaning lady didn't speak ENGLISH either.
She got an F-
More later on the redonkulus adventure to find something for breakfast!!


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